Tim Young

I am the author of Heartstone: A Journey out of the midnight of my soul.

I am a father, teacher and speaker on mission to help people live courageously from their hearts. God has changed my life in ways I can’t describe. I am am no longer living for myself, I have been incredibly blessed, life is good, and I’m thankful that God cared enough to walk it out with me. More about me.

● Sharing hope to a hurting world through the power of story

● Reaching people who have lost themselves to prosperity, power, and position

● Helping men discover their authentic manhood in Jesus Christ

● Inspiring fathers to step up and lead their families

There is an epic battle going on for your heart and God is pursuing you. When God takes us on a journey to help us re-discover who we really are in Him, a significant part of that process is discovering our heart. Finding the real and true heart He placed inside of us.

The challenge God faces in rescuing us is we have no idea how captive we are and how desperate we are. Rescuing the human heart is the hardest mission in the world. He is after our hearts!

The journey before you is a bold one: to let God rescue yours.

Every journey begins with a first step — take the journey.