Timothy Ballisty

I am a hybrid of a meteorologist and social media enthusiast.

I seek out on a daily basis new social media technology; mobile and web tech that can benefit the weather.com digital content production team.

I engage in conversation with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ fans of The Weather Channel who - combined - easily total over 2 million. I also am a co-manager of The Weather Channel Google+ page.

I discover relevant and unique weather data and imagery on a nearly daily basis. I publish my findings on Twitter and Google+ with my followers totaling close to 4000.

I blog and post frequently on my "Social Weather Tech" Google+ page as I explore the three topics individually (Social Media, Technology, Weather) and how they intermingle with each other (http://goo.gl/haP27).

Finally, when severe or significant weather strikes, I put on my meteorology and content-curation hat and use the valuable curation tools of Storify and RebelMouse to create eye-popping and timely content that is then embedded or linked on weather.com. I also aid in the dissemination of life-saving weather information via The Weather Channel's various Twitter handles.