Dr Tim Leeuwenburg


Rural Procedural Doctor working in private practice on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. My interests include Emergency Medicine, Trauma, Anaesthetics, Human Factors & the use of 'guerilla sim' for in situ training. Blog at KIdocs.org & RuralDoctors.Net, both sites affiliated with the smacc conferences (Sydney 2013, Gold Coast 2014, Chicago 2015 - smacc.net.au)

I am an avid user & creator of #FOAMed content, aiming to help rural doctors maintain their expertise across disciplines & help them to deiver "quality care, out there".

Currently on a sabbatical with MedSTAR Retrieval in SA, learning from the experts about prehospital care, standardisation in kit & training, high-fidelity sim and clinical governance. Many lessons from prehospital care apply to rural doctors, whose work intersects with critical illness infrequently but predictably.

Hence the mantra "Critical illness does not respect geography" - my mission is to help demystify critical illness for the rural team via delivery of #FOAMed asynchronous online info sharing, formal courses such as ETMcourse and rural in situ sim.

I also care for oprhaned wildlife and co-authored a cookbook on Roadkill Recipes with my spouse - see wrongsideoftheroad.com.au (it's actually a trauma prevention project to raise awareness of wildlife on rural roads!)

SENIOR LECTURER - Flinders University Rural Clinical School Of Medicine

EMST (ATLS) Course Director - Surgeons.org

ETMcourse Instructor - ETMcourse.com

SPUMS dive medical examiner - SPUMS.org.au