Thomas J. Ackermann

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Now disrupting the Bitcoin world with custom, energy-saving and 100% green hardware to deliver and scale hashing power at unseen levels: technology and market leader in October 2014.

Quick rundown of my past:

  • Owned a Cray supercomputer for encryption code breaking demonstrations
  • Built world's 1st WiFi WarDrive van
  • Offered 1st public free WiFi hotspot (featured in Wired Magazine)
  • Co-developed 1st loss-less X-ray digitization (1990)
  • First ISP in my hometown in Germany from the 1980's

Building Companies in the US from 1994 to 2012:

  • Consulted Disney, AT&T et al on the emerging consumer internet (Los Angeles, 1994)
  • Consulted the City of Burbank on a city-wide SONET ring for the movie studios (Los Angeles, 1994)
  • Macromedia: Shockwave/Flash Infrastructure: 1st animation on the web (San Francisco 1995-1998)
  • 1st time deployment and use of global web content mirrors (San Francisco / London / Tokyo)
  • CyberStar: Data Communication from Space
  • Globix: built $20m Data Canter in Santa Clara
  • - 400+ Affiliates Content Aggregration
  • BarterTrust - rapid-growth largest barting company with virtual exchange currency
  • CashEdge - 1st multi-banking web interface to move funds
  • Built SW Dev and Customer Support facilities in Chennai, India
  • 1st Connected Bank of America & Nationsbank during their merger
  • Turner Construction - ran IT for 4,600 employees in $7b company
  • CyberWarfare: 1st working defense against dDoS attacks
  • ExoWarfare: 1st disruptive technology merging cyber and real world
  • PlanetRomeo Berlin / Amsterdam: shaping up a leading social media platform

Side Projects:

  • FixEuro - revolutionizing Auto Repair by integrating customers via Internet & mobile technology