/tm. mahdi

Chief Starter/Strategist

With nearly 20 years industry experience, Tm Mahdi career started out as a dot comer turned creative turned entrepreneur. And for nearly half of his career, Tm has been approached and hired to be a company starter. His driving force, visionary and contacts has helped working projects and startups make change. Tm is a big picture guy with the focus to sit on the details. He is the lead behind various city-wide initiatives and niche driven ventures. His efforts has been media noted on PostCity Magazine, Wall Street Journal and ThatChannel plus others. His life portfolio included working with Copeesh, padpholio, mssima, TruFinancial, Roads Less Traveled, NoteWagon and Group3 to name some.

OTHER Credentials

  • Producer of ShowBook Week
  • Creative Director & Co-Founder of startup portfolio engine - padpholio
  • Owns Likeable Awards
  • Original Host & Organizer of Portfolio Review & Internship Night - Niche Series
  • Founded a media noted industry incubator - Cg6 Inc.
  • The Brains behind the World's First 24-HOUR Blogging Festival - WORD11
  • The Host of a Citywide Story-Telling Showcase - InitiativeTO
  • Founded the world's first banner search engine - poshprobe
  • Been an entrepreneur for over 18 years, a dreamer since 5
  • Strong believer and teacher of crowd experience
  • Has resided in 17 countries
  • Is comfortable with what he does.
  • Adores Cooking