TMW Models Production & Talent

About Toni Melvin Whitaker, Founder, TMW Modeling, Productions and Talent
TMW Modeling and Productions, producing and coordinating elegant fashion shows and networking events throughout Southeastern NC and beyond, including a International Reach!
TMW Modeling and Productions is a high-fashion, elegant runway show that is choreographed down to the tiniest detail. The fashion runway is about precision that creates a dazzling presentation.

Models are one with the garments and inspire to show the outfits but never overshadow the clothing. 18 women and 4 males are chosen through open auditions. A variety of sizes, skin tones, and ethnicities are celebrated. The shows do not feature offensive music lyrics or non-flattering outfits.

Call Toni Melvin Whitaker, Founder, at (910) 599-0348 or email for more information and to book a show