Tobias Simon

Tobias Simon is a freelance journalist. He focuses on African affairs in general, but his main focus is on Sudanese and South Sudanese affairs in particular. The inner circle of the Sudanese regime and its relationship to other political parties and external stakeholders, the relationship between the two Sudans and their regional and international integration, and regional armed groups and movements on the African continent belong to his main sphere of interest.

Simon writes mainly for German journals and magazines. In additon, he lectures and gives interviews. Thereby he is unbiased as far as possible and conveys his readers and audience that the situation on site is more complex as it might seem to be. Simon always represents an optimistic view concerning the developments on the African continent.

In February 2011, he founded the non-governmental organization Sudanese Soul. They emphasize the idea you can only understand a country and its people if you know their 'soul'. Hence, Sudanese Soul gives you a cultural overview about the two Sudans as well as educates the public at large regarding political, social, and economic affairs.

Besides his work as a journalist and for Sudanese Soul, Simon is a student of African and Islamic studies as well as law at the University of Cologne, Germany. In his free time, he loves running, cooking, and listening to jazz music.