Tobi Ogundipe

Creative Strategist + Sherlock Fanatic + Social Entrepreneur + Risk Taker

I love that sweet gooey center of creativity where art, music, and business meet. Some call it advertising, some call it marketing, some just call it smart business. Whatever you call it, that's what you can find me doing.

Right in the deliciously sweet center...

I crave a work enviroment that challenges my creative and analytical abilities while providing a hub of inspiring innovators and still leaves room for me to give back to the community around me.

What's New?

With over one and a half years of strategic planning experience, I am looking for my next experience to be with a brand, ad agency, or consumer insights firm that understands how and why culture should play a central role in their business.

As always, I am on the hunt for varied and unique experiences: it's how I have chosen to live my life and what I feel makes me a better brand strategist.

I'm currently working on two major projects: rebranding and fundraising for my mother's non-profit and marketing strategy for a new urban wine brand in Denver. Check out my website for up to date details!

Feel free to contact me with job/consulting offers, book recc's, etc.