Tomek Piątek

I like running in the hills, philosophy, playing with lego, learning what makes people tick, design, my kids, architecture, my wife, aikido, home renovations (yeah, I know, that's a weird one), inventing crazy stories for my kids (and adults too but the adults tend to call them lies), drawing, writing computer software, carpentry, rock climbing, reading, swimming in the river, photography, hiking, going to the beach, gelati, cake (just about any will do), dark chocolate, sci-fi, hi-fi, hi-tech, house music, my friends, building stuff, colours, home decorating, Mozart, baking, swimming in the sea (but it has to be warm), cooking, jumping around in the urban playground, watermelon, camping, techno, medium rare steak, summer, the smell of freshly cut grass...

Oh, and I really like tea.
Yup, that's about me.