Thomas Retterbush

Though 1/4 Cherokee, I was born in Germany to my German mother and USAF fighter pilot father. After two short assignments in the States, my father retired in Germany, so I ended up growing up not far from the German and Dutch borders. In 1990, at age 29 I moved to the United States.

After a long, hard walk on the wild side, I’ve finally changed from bad boy to good guy, becoming a successful entrepreneur living in SA, Texas.

As a recovering drug addict diagnosed with clinical depression, after founding the Disabled Veterans Association I decided to tackle the conspiracy and corruption problems our government, banking industry and corporate elite is subjecting the American people to, And so I am continuing my path of redemption as an activist, investigative journalist and Blogger

About 18 months ago I launched Conspiracy Watch, of which the Facebook Page attracted 3.4 million Likes before Facebook unpublished it without notice or explanation. I am still waiting on their answer to my appeal, which I submitted over 90 days ago.

Of course, the Conspiracy Watch website is still up, at and I still own, manage and operate Government Watch and Survival Watch Facebook Pages. The later now has over 600 thousand fans!