Tomy Gunn

Tomy Gunn former leader-founder of shadawmon- dao boyz is a lifelong aficionado of rock, blues, country and jazz - blending strains of of these elements with neoclassic orchestrations, r&b roots, island laments, world folk ballads, and catchy rock pop melodies & lyrics that create well crafted songs and artistry that can be best described as Sui Generis - an original fusion of elements, experiences, and musical textures - new world rock & reggae-pop.
A bluesy guitarist & gospel influenced keyboardist, his songwriting & music capture the essence of the moment's passion creating his own unique twist on eclectic island jams and ethereal funk rock guitar. Catch a cool breeze - listen free on mobile & iPad

Over the years Tomy has lived a myriad of musical experiences beginning early on in Jamaica and eventually made the Hawaiian islands his home base for several years working with renowned Hawaiian artists, Harold Kamma, Jr., Willy K, and Fiji.

A few early influences:

Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder

Current home base is basically where the wind blows in Pacific Asia from Kealalelua, Hawaii, to Puek Tien Beach, south Thailand. email:

skype: balilauent