Tony Conrad

I'm a founder of & Sphere. I'm also a Partner at True Ventures where I get to work with some amazingly talented founders from companies like WordPress, MakerBot, High Fidelity, Typekit, Smarterer and Blue Bottle Coffee.

I genuinely have parking karma but my drip coffee skills are a bit overrated. I'm also an animal whisperer, sometimes triathlete, an unfortunate Cubs fan, lover of languages, art, architecture and a T40 National Co-Chair of Technology for Obama. I'm a personal investor in WordPress, Slack, Lowercase Capital, Ne Timeas (Flour Water, Trick Dog, Salumeria, Central Kitchen), Samovar, Saltwater and August. I'm a board member of the Tony Hawk Foundation, an advisor to Noise Pop, an SF organization championing independent music and culture.

I grew up in a small Indiana farming community. Since, l've lived in New York, New Delhi, Jakarta, Chicago, Paris and San Francisco. I've worked a lot of jobs not listed on my resume including short stints as a baseball umpire, basketball camp counselor, pharmacy stock person, high school sports reporter, book bindery glue machine operator, fraternity janitor, college newspaper ad salesman & yogurt merchandiser to name a few. It's been an exciting journey so far!

Photo Credit: Christopher Michel