Tony Santos

140 Char bio: designer, triathlete, surfer, Packers & Sehawks fan, tinkerer, Psych junkie trying to do no harm :)

I'm a designer. I design interactions that lead to great product and service experiences. I design great products. I design great services. Most of the time I'm a human centered designer, in that I consider human beings and all their interesting little quirks in all my designs. I have two fancy pieces of paper that say so. I make things for people: to help them do things or just to help them enjoy a little more.

More succinctly: I solve problems.

I used to work in adland, now I'm facsinated by social computing, ubiquitous computing and most of all PEOPLE. Love music, sports, and exploring the interesting world around me.

SF resident, Ohioan by birth, Seatalite at heart. I'm the Director of Design at Motif Investing. I can often be found running the streets or catching waves at Ocean Beach or Pacifica when I'm not sitting in front of a computer.

I'm always willing to have a conversation, just say hi :)