Jay C. White Cloud

I am a Timber Wright with a specialization in indigenous vernacular folk architecture of the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia. My focus is in the art of timber, stone and earth architecture as it applies to timber framing. I have taught Guild Arts and Crafts. I have held professional certifications and backgrounds in Rock Climbing, Wilderness Education, Indigenous Life Skills, and Wilderness Medicine. I am an Inactive U. S. Marine. I have held certifications in Safe Crisis Management, Leadership Development, and Team Building, Self Defense for Women, and Situational Awareness and Security. I am currently the Tree Warden of my town in Thetford, Vermont and have a long history in the Arborist trade. I own and operate Tosa Tomo Designs, subcontracting and consulting to several Architects and Design Build Firms. I also subcontract in Wilderness Guiding, Natural and Traditional Building Workshops, Indeginous Life Skills, Leadership Development, and Personal Security.