Tracy Lynn Freedman

Hi, I'm Tracy Lynn--an experienced communications and public relations consultant. I started my career doing public relations in the fashion industry and moved into government consulting after spending a few years in Washington, DC. I noticed a need for federal agencies to more effecitvely communicate with citizens about the value the government provides with their taxpayer dollars. With the advent of social media, I wanted to help clients take advantage of the opportunity for citizens to engage directly with their government in a way we haven't seen since local town hall meetings were the norm.

As early as 2007, I established one of the first federal agency's social media presences on Facebook and Twitter, connecting small business owners to federal resources and subject matter experts needed to start, manage, and grow their businesses. That engagement led me to establish a Web 2.0 practice at the marketing agency I was working for at the time. While advocating and growing of that practice, I was recruited to Booz Allen Hamilton, one of the largest consulting firms in the world, to grow their social media service offering in the government market. Through my involvement, Booz Allen's social media portfolio grew by over 150 percent. I now lead the firm's Digital Strategy & Social Media practice in the defense market.

My success in developing social media approaches for clients is a direct result of establishing measurable communications strategies based on my clients' unique program objectives. This includes the integration of media relations, event production, and social media, and a laser-like focus on the customer/citizen. Regardless of whether my client is in the fashion industry, government, or a small business, every one of my communications strategies starts and ends with the customer.