Tran Do

I work with cross-disciplines team to create amazing visual narratives to intuitive interactive experience. Utilizing both, analytical and creative thinking to implement production pipeline process that address business needs. I'm a left-brain, right-brain, people person who absolutely love all things about design, innovation, and of course, changing the world.

Day Job, even Batman has one:
As a Project Manager in the User Experience department of a fortune 500 company, I work with talented UX designers / IA to craft world class interaction for our premium products reaching millions of customers globally.

Past Projects:
McDonald’s campaign for healthy choice Happy Meals with Leo Burnett
Interactive animation contents for mobile devices: IPad, IPhone, Nook
HBO: Game of Thrones Graphic Package
Nike, Coors, Sears, Truvia commercial spots

The next steps:
Playing a leadership role in cultivating a progressive team-culture, pushing the envelop in product development in media and tech are my everyday goals. I ultimately want to launch products and services that impact culture and society.
Outside of interactive and media production, I enjoy gourmet coffee and long walks on the beach, by long walks I mean run, bike, surf, and sand volleyball. I live by the Sea and love to travel to far away places.
Having recently finished the LA / SF marathons back to back, it's time for world conquest, AKA triathlons, ultras, and hitting up all 7 continents on the Blue Planet.