Tran Do

I work with cross-disciplines teams to develop product strategies and conduct research to inform intuitive experience design. I'm a left-brain, right-brain, people person who absolutely love all things about design, innovation, and of course, changing the world.

Day Job, even Batman has one:

Working outside of the 9-5 to get the get my start-up going. Hopefuly to we will have a Beta release by Spring 2015.

Moonlighting, AKA being Batman:
Outside of my day job, I spend my time on the Girls in Tech leadership team planning our next impact project. We fundraise and mentor the next generation for a career in technology and science.

Follong the tradition of social innovation, I can also be found moonlighting with the Acumen foundation attempting to tackle controversial subject such as global poverty.

Past Projects: My experience includes being a UX project manger and a media Producer
As a Project Manager in the User Experience department of a fortune 500 company, I work with talented UX designers & IA to craft world class interaction for our premium products that reach millions of customers globally. I worked with the Design Thinking Team in DTV ENG department. We employ methodologies made famous from Stanford and IDEO. Pulling insights from our field research we influence product development from the users' perspective. Aside from achieving business goals, we also champion innovation by running Design Thinking workshops for the Enterprise.

As a Media producer I worked on some of these prolific campaigns:
McDonald’s campaign for healthy choice Happy Meals with Leo Burnett
Interactive animation contents for mobile devices: IPad, IPhone, Nook
HBO: Game of Thrones Graphic Package
Nike, Coors, Sears, Truvia commercial spots

The next steps:
Playing a leadership role in cultivating a progressive team-culture, pushing the envelop in product development in media and tech are my everyday goals. I ultimately want to launch products and services that impact culture, society and enhance the human experience.
Outside of interactive and media production, I enjoy gourmet coffee and long walks on the beach, by long walks I mean run, bike, surf, and sand volleyball. I live by the Sea and love to travel to fa