Trek Thunder Kelly

I'm an artist. Which to me simply means that I create. My wish is to inspire others to see the world from different perspectives, to reflect on their lives and the lives of others, to pause, at least for a moment, to think. That's all I can ask.

And since this is a bio, I should state where I live, what I like, and possibly compose a brief history. As for where I live:  Anywhere has been my home lately, or Everywhere. I am grateful for it. And in that place I often encounter amazing people; frequently stumble upon wrenchingly beautiful scenery; and sometimes find moments of profound silence.

As for my likes:  I like to see kids smile. I like tacos, and long poems about adventure and snow. I like broad blue skies prowled by clouds and thunderstorms. I like compassion, especially when I discover it in my heart and practice it. Basically, I like life.

My history is the same as everyone else's; we all share the same story. Consequently, this will probably sound familiar to you:  I was born; I lived in this crazy world for a bit, and luckily, most of it was pretty good; then I'll die, and that'll be that. All these bios I've written and posted will linger for a while. So will a few pictures. So will a few memories. But since I can imagine for myself what the Hereafter will be, I choose to imagine that it's a place in which I'll still be able to create, a place that'll have large taco stands where I can laugh with close friends under grumbling skies, a place where compassion isn't something I just practice, it's something I've become.