Trevor LaForce

Parent, partner, teacher, blogger, crafter, paddlemaker, Labradoodle owner, and all-around dabbler. Jack of too many trades now to count. Nerd extraordinaire, and handsome to boot.

I aim to teach secondary students through humour and play, weaving civics and citizenship into every class. I aim to teach them how to treat their fellows as well as how to read literature and history. And I aim to teach them that hope and joy, when coupled with reason, knowledge, and responsibility, are invaluable tools.

I draw, build websites, and podcast, too. Go to Love.Make.Share to listen to my new podcat, read comics and blogs, and see what the kids and I have made lately. Canada's Least-Watched Political Panel is a podcast I produce, and occasionally guest on. And, also on the Spillway network, you can find my partner's theatrical work, over at the official website for Natalie Joy Quesnel.

Thanks for dropping by! And, as always, paddle your own canoe.