Trevor LaForce

Born & raised in Ottawa's West end. Educator by trade, podcaster and writer by practise, politico and amateur filmmaker by continuing obsession. And, of course, nerd extraordinaire.

Trevor is a teacher for Blyth Academy in Ottawa, a tutor for the OCSB and a skills assessment administrator at Sylvan, among other pursuits.

You can read his writing and see tons of art, videos, and more at the brand-new website,, a place for local creative outflow and contributions from our friends abroad.

Trevor produces and is a frequent guest on the Ottawa Fringe Festival's Behind the Fringe podcast.

He also cohosts Throw It Against The Wall with Trevor and Natalie Joy, a show chock full of tech, current events, food, and unbridled creativity.

Stay tuned to for new regular features and new podcasts joining the network.