Tuna Pase

Electronics, Voice, Flute/ Turkey, Istanbul

Tuna Pase is a music lover and creator of music based in Istanbul. Her musical journey began when she heard the timbre of the flute in the orchestra pit for the first time. Her areas of interest are electro-acoustic composition, improvisation, sound design, sound art, song writing and ethnomusicology. She plays electronics, flute, percussive objects and sings. Her music is inspired from sleeping, dreams, food, nature, poetry, photography, street art, bicycles, Istanbul and Jerusalem. She performs her electro-acoustic compositions and songs in an improvised manner, where she re-composes them live, using the elements that build those compositions. Her main point of performance and composition is based on improvisation which she sees her way of making music and collaborating with other musicians.

She has earned her BA in musicology and MA in ethnomusicology and countined her PhD in Sound Engineering and Design program and not completed it yet at Istanbul Technical University. She teaches ethnomusicology, improvisation and electronic music in various universities in Istanbul such as Bilgi, Marmara and Yeditepe. She also loves inspiring children through workshops on sound and music.

She performs in concerts and festivals, and participates in projects and workshops in Europe (France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland), the United States, Israel and Turkey. Some of them are; Ensemble Modern Academy at Austria and Italy, Feldstarke 2010 at Paris and Essen, High Zero Festival at Baltimore, Share, This is Pop Experimental Music Series and NYC Resistor at New York, Young Turkish Electronic Music Composers Project in Frankfurt, Istanbul Festival at Reitberg Museum Zurich, Musrara Mix and Light Festival at Jerusalem, Geist und Geld Foundation at Stuttgart.

Her own projects include electro-acoustic compositions, entitled Discotheque Sounds From The Cemetery, songs entitled Fortuna's Audioblog, as well as other projects with musician partners.