Jeff Turboff

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm an award-winning video editor, (Emmy, Murrow, Cronkite, Peabody, & Deadline Club ) as well as screenwriter, director & actor.

Detailed biography at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My latest projects (aside from my bread-and-butter editing gig) include a short supernatural horror I've written and directed, entitled "Jimbo", and my recently completed documentary "Modworld."

Jimbo has its own Facebook page at

Modworld's Facebook page is at...

Modworld most recently screened at The Screening Room in Buffalo, NY to open the Buffalo International Film Festival. Next stop, Asheville, NC. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All-inclusive resumé at IMDb. Acting-only resumé at actorsaccess or dropbox. Acting showreel at the tinyurl linked below. Editing samples at cargocollective.