Sia Nyorkor

"(S)he who asks questions cannot avoid the answers." ~~African Proverb

I'm an "A-block" Multimedia Reporter who regularly leads the newscast. I shoot, report, write, edit & produce content for all platforms including tv, radio & web. My work has earned me a NY Emmy, a CINE Golden Eagle & several Mid-Atlantic & Suncoast Emmy nominations, respectively.

For the last 2 years, I worked @ KWCH-TV in Wichita, KS: chasing storms, digging dirt & scooping stories. I became known for my "good gets," scoring exclusive interviews in some of the biggest stories to hit the Sunflower state: the ex-wife of terrorism suspect, Terry Lowen, accused of plotting an airport bombing; the school bus driver charged with child endangerment after driving 10 kids into a swollen creek; the girlfriend of a man who held police in a 36-hour standoff before being killed, a mother who knowingly left her daughter alone with her fiance, a convicted child molester and the city of Wichita admitting it wasted water during a drought.

In 2010 I launched GTN News @ the NBC & CBS affiliates in Gainesville, FL. I served as Managing Editor & Reporter, covering North Central FL. GTN received a Suncoast Emmy nomination for News Excellence the first year of starting news.

In 2008 I was NJ Correspondent for MTV News' Choose or Lose team: 1 of 51 journalists covering the US presidential election. I blogged, vlogged, tweeted & produced content for all of MTV's platforms from right out of my backpack. The initiative earned my team a Community Service Campaign Emmy from the National Academy of Arts & Sciences.

In 2005 I shot a half-hour documentary, Liberian Democracy: A Journey Back Home, that aired on PBS stations across the US. The film chronicled my experiences of meeting my relatives for the first time & coverage of the historic presidential election of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the first female head of state in Africa. It is easily the most significant piece I've worked on in my short career for one reason: bridging both my personal & professional lives.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts Journalism from Indiana University and a Master of Science in Journalism from Columbia University.

I have worked for New Jersey Public Television & Radio, WFUV Public Radio, MTV News, GTN News & KWCH-TV.

I am @TVNewsLady on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Skype. Let's connect!