Twan van Elk

Hi and welcome to my page! Want to know more about me? Read on!

After working in libraries and for small IT companies, I moved on to work as an information manager and a project manager for a couple of internet companies, at the start of the internet boom of the nineties.


I switched to the banking world just in time for the big monetary conversion to the euro. As a project manager I took part in the very first Dutch project to change the way banks were doing business: from traditional branches to a leaner, more shop-like approach with an emphasis on doing business online.

Housing association

I am now working for a housing association, doing what I love and do best, i.e. working with content, making sure everything runs smoothly on the website, the intranet and all the SharePoint sites.


Beside my regular work I write poetry, in Dutch and English. If you want to check out some of my writings, try the links below.

Twan van Elk