Tyler K.C. Rines

My name is Tyler K.C. Rines. The K and C stand for Kansas City —the product of my Dad's 1980s obsession with the Royals baseball franchise. I grew up in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, drink my coffee black, play the sax, and often ride my bike to work.

I have a deep passion for fostering civic engagement and social change through philanthropy and public service. This passion was sparked immediately upon arrival at Keene State College in the fall of 2008. While being marched through the iconic Appian Gateway at the first-year student convocation my new school's motto (carved into each side of the arch): "enter to learn; go forth to serve" struck a chord—one that still resonates today. In a nutshell, everyday I strive to be more like my two personal heroes: RFK and George Bailey from It's a Wonderful Life.

I was fortunate enough to be recognized by my alma mater for my commitment to public service, and am a recipient of an Outstanding Senior Service Award, The Leo F. Redfern Outstanding Citizenship Award, and The Sociology & Anthropology Department Faculty Award for excellent academic performance and service to humanity.

In an interesting twist of fate, after graduating with my master's, I landed a job on the Advancement Team at the historic home of James Madison—Father of the Constitution, fourth president of the United States, and namesake to my graduate institution. Soon I hope to get my Ph.D. in strategic leadership and attain my Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) credential.