Una Love

Represented by Red Door Management (Manchester & London)

"Warm and friendly, yet with a spine of steel..."

Really, me? This is how I was described from a casting point of view, which made me chuckle. Funny what people see in you isn't it?

I'm a hard working actor who loves to have fun, learn and help create the best best possible product as part of a great team.

I especially love to work on inspirational productions that will help make a positive impact on the world.

As an experienced life coach I find I often get a different perspective on what makes people - characters - tick.

Because I've also written, directed and produced some short films I better understand what is required as part of a production.

Please feel free to:

  • Connect using the social media links below
  • Check out my acting on my Vimeo channel below
  • Email me or contact my agent Red Door if you have a specific casting opportunity you wish to discuss