Simon Howlett

Our generation's biggest opportunity and challenge is creating a sustainable future. Luckily, we are a creative, inspiring and positive generation full of energy.
My passion is connecting and growing the positive aspects found within our generation to help us collectively solve climate change.

Taking it back to when I left university - like many of us, I was hit by the let-down of not gaining a graduate job. Thus, after putting it off for so many years due to student laziness, I started to volunteer.

The inspiring individuals and organisations I met and worked with, within these first few years; resulted in gaining a keen interest in how climate change, online communications and youth empowerment can link together.

Today I am one of the UK Youth Climate Coalition Co-Directors, leading a team that develops resources and the growth of the UK climate movement. It is an amazing position, within an amazing well respected organisation.

In the past I have worked for TckTckTck, Fairtrade Foundation, Global Action Plan, Peace Child International The Scouts and The Prince's Trust. Now I work at the Royal Museums Greenwich as part of the marketing team.

In everyday life:- Pub life, great cult/classic films, sad British pop music and chocolate digestive biscuits are all I need.
(FUN FACT: unclesi is my online tag as I'm an uncle to 8 unlucky niblings)