Ted Sha 沙述荃

Ted is a 24 year-old writer and aspiring entrepreneur from Taipei City, Taiwan.

He grew up in Guangzhou, China and has witnessed the rise of the Dragon -- from HK's return to China in 1997 to the country's migration towards a more capitalistic economy as well as the state's alarming rates of urbanization.

In 2008, Ted began his journey in advertising & marketing interning at Leo Burnett Guangzhou. He quickly fell in love with the agency's focus on design and creative approaches. In the following summer, he worked with the brand team and also took on copywriter duties at Saatchi & Saatchi Taiwan. He later assisted in the production of a winning creative brief at Intrax San Francisco, detailing the educational institution's expansion strategies into Arabic-speaking countries.

Ted has recently graduated from the University of San Francisco (USA) x Fu-Jen Catholic University (Taiwan) x Universitat Ramon Lull IQS (Spain) with a joint Masters Degree in Global Entrepreneurship and Business Management. He currently works as a contractor at LOYAL3 -- a disruptive and fee-free technology platform that's democratizing stock ownership.