Kelly Chambers

UROPATWIN -pro: [you-rope-pa-twin]

Born in Alameda California 1962 I've been playing electronic music for 30+ years. I'm originally from Oakland California, and currently reside in the South West Desert of North America. I'm currently writing & recording on a fulltime basis and you can find everything I've been producing "including my archives" at

Comment: Kelly, I mean Passenger-K (aka) uropatwin, I've enjoyed listening to your songs, I mean soundscapes, over the past several years, I mean decades. And I want you to know, i mean fEEl, that your MuSic is amazing, I mean transCendent. That's the truth. You are the first "DJ" I ever heard or watched or even knew could be called a DJ in 1986 or so. You've been taking your life's experiences, I mean OUR human experience, and creating meaning from chaos, love from fear, joy from suffering. It's all there, one has to just take the time to be a part of it, I mean put on some headphones and change your life. This man is for real people!!! -Herbert Bennett

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