Kelly Chambers

UROPATWIN -pro: [you-rope-pa-twin]

Born in Alameda California 1962 I've been playing electronic music for 30+ years. I'm originally from Oakland California, and currently reside in the Pacific North West. I'm currently writing & recording on a fulltime basis and you can find everything I've been producing "including my archives" at

I've signed with Tate Music Group in 2013 for the distrobution of my "Debut" 14 track album called Bombastic Release Date: 2015

Besides my music can also be found on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.


Comment: Kelly, I mean Passenger-K (aka) uropatwin, I've enjoyed listening to your songs, I mean soundscapes, over the past several years, I mean decades. And I want you to know, i mean fEEl, that your MuSic is amazing, I mean transCendent. That's the truth. You are the first "DJ" I ever heard or watched or even knew could be called a DJ in 1986 or so. You've been taking your life's experiences, I mean OUR human experience, and creating meaning from chaos, love from fear, joy from suffering. It's all there, one has to just take the time to be a part of it, I mean put on some headphones and change your life. This man is for real people!!! -Herbert Bennett

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