Thomas Edwards

For the past five years, Thomas Edwards has served as a social strategist to professionals around the world. A recognized authority on social skills development and lifestyle strategy, he has been consistently celebrated for his effectiveness in the world of dating, lifestyle, and professional strategy. Edwards has directly impacted the lives of thousands from all over the world with his personal coaching, public speaking engagements, and live events.

What began as a college student’s desire to transform the quality of his own life after a terrible breakup has grown into Edwards’ lifelong passion to help change lives of others as he is called on by individuals of every walk of life — CEOs, doctors, engineers, artists, political leaders, collegiate coaches, teachers, and entrepreneurs.

Thomas' knowledge and unique approach to social strategy have been featured in media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, the New York Times, Maxim, CNN, Ebony Magazine, Boston Globe, Reuters, E! Online and Fox Business. He’s also a contributor to Business Insider and

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