Valentin Heyde

I was a journalist, a web-tv guy, a public relations consultant, a social media expert (have a good laugh on that one), a photographer, a dreamer, a curious kid, one who wouldn't accept things as given, a pain in the ass class representative and a Master of Political Science. In fact, in one way or another I am still all of that.

I dug to the core of all the above and ended up being a storytelling consultant (or should I say story thinking) and communication strategist.

I do consulting for organizations, companies, entrepreneurs, leaders and startups. I help them to use the power of storytelling for better communication, for change processes, for pitches or business and product development. My work manifests in workshops, process design, sparring sessions or projects.

Besides consulting I tinker on own business ideas like and nonprofit projects. My workspace is at Betahaus Hamburg and therefore converts from being a studio to being an office to being an 80 square meter innovation space to being a relaxed café.

Last not least I am a father of two and a husband of one.