Venissa de Castro

I am one of the most interesting people that you’ll ever know because I always have something going on. I believe in being involved in the community.

 I love Ottawa.

 In short, I career search, volunteer, play ultimate, paddle, run, organize, e-mail.

 Long version, I’m involved.

  • My time is focused on connecting with individuals and recruiting year-round for half a dozen community-based events. In 2011, I was on the planning committee for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life as well as working countless hours as the marketing coordinator for the 25th Canadian Ultimate Championships. It was amazing to help bring together and host over 1500 players from across the country!
  • I take great pride in being the team organizer for not one, but two dragon boat teams, the Psirens and the recently established P’sidens. I’m so proud to see what I’ve started flourish and develop. For the THIRD year in the row, the Psirens have been awarded the "First to Register" distinction from the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival.
  • For Christmas 2010, my dad got me a pair of running shoes and race entry fees. I ran my first half marathon at Ottawa Race Weekend in May 2011. Thanks to this gift, I have both my chiropractor and physiotherapist on speed dial! I've continued to keep running when I can.
  • I think BIG PICTURE but I know that it’s the tiny detailed logistics that get you there. Between the powers of my Blackberry, Google everything and my Franklin Covey paper planner, I’m not intimidated to tackle almost any project.
  • I do my best living outside of the normal working hours. I’m working mainly as a contract worker but I’d like to think of it more as career searching. (I'm qualified in an EC-02, a PM-02 and a CR-04 pools. If you know what I’m talking about, can you help me find a position?)

I energetically live up to my twitter name.

Naps help.