Venkat Rao

A MS Dynamics CRM Consultant by day; a blogger, amateur photographer, and random idea generator by night. Please visit my LinkedIn profile to read about my "real job", know more about my technical/people skills, and to read my paper that was published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

I have always been amazed by the kind of things Assistive Technology offers (I have worked with students with disabilities in the past). My blog was recently included in the "The 50 Best Blogs for Future Teachers" list created by ( and just last year, I was listed as a guru on ATIS4ALL - a collaborative assistive technology portal for Europe.

Watch my Youtube videos to see how much I suck at singing and playing the guitar. My Flickr is not bad though, and I think I have some decent pictures there. I recently started storytelling using photos on Jux. (Check out my Jux link!)

During my free time, I play my guitar, read the occasional book, go out for a run, take pictures, do jigsaw puzzles, and do random things that involve things I buy at hobby stores. Also, I am a huge Tintin and David Sedaris fan. Last but not the least, I Tweet and Facebook, just like everyone else.