Vishal Gurbuxani

Currently an Advisor and Investor to numerous Startups in the Valley.

Was the Chief Technology Officer for Velti.

Vishal Gurbuxani was the co-founder of Mobclix, the Largest Mobile Ad Exchange, which was acquired by Velti in October of 2010. Previously, he has worked at Accenture as part of a select group of 150 researchers and consultants out of 250,000 employees, focusing on Digital Media, Mobile, Big Data, Content Optimization, and Predictive Analytics. He has filed numerous patents on Predictive Monitoring, Remote Monitoring, Diagnostics, Advertising, Mobile Analytics and Monetization. Mr. Gurbuxani has been involved with Technology for the past 15 years and sits right at the Intersection of Technology & Business. He has worked in 5 startups and been through 3 successful exits, he has seen the differences between what makes a company great versus what makes a company fail. Mr. Gurbuxani has made numerous Angel Investments that span from innovative advertising companies, medical enablers, hospital 3.0, and companies promoting social good. He graduated with Honors with a Bachelor of Science and Masters in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University.

Mr. Gurbuxani recently gave a TedX Talk that has become one of the most viral TedX talks of all time.

When he's not focusing on his current efforts, you'll find him brainstorming on the next big game changing idea.