vijay mahrra

From December 9th 2014 I'll be in Ushuaia on the tip of South America cycling up through Argentina and Chile with a friend. I'll be taking the bicycle pictured.

Having had a professional career spent largely as a System Administrator and Web Developer in England, Spain, Ireland and Sweden, I sold my apartment, quit my job and left the comfort of Gothenburg in June 2014 to go bicycle touring around europe seeing friends and family along the way whilst enjoying my passion for photography.

After that I learned how to write software in Python for website development and cross-platform apps (using Kivy) so I've a free app on Google Play called 'Pocket Philosopher' to show for it.

I've a strong interest in Information Design & Data Visualisation so I'm studying how to disseminate 'big-data' that's freely available on the web in an easy-to-digest manner. I'm also reading through some fifty non-fiction books - the kind of stuff I always wanted to learn but never had the time.

I observe that to a varying degree each and every one of us carries some form of mental illness and collectively it is the cause of nearly everything wrong in the world today as well as the biggest impediment to the advancement and progression of humanity.

My favourite philosopher is Emil Cioran.

Life is short, use it or lose it!