Lesley J. Vander Welle

Lesley works with businesses to develop effective online marketing strategies and action plans that raise brand awareness.

She supports her clients' brands by curating and developing relevant content that engages individuals turning them into unofficial brand ambassadors. This builds vibrant communities and has a direct effect on bottom line results.

With a keen interest in education and innovation, Lesley has 17 years experience as a communications consultant, building a relevant Montessori identity in her community.

After an early career in mechanical technology, Lesley moved her skills to the marketing department and developed an international service and construction customer service model.

As a pioneer in the desktop publishing industry, she developed promotional materials, in print and online that had a major impact on her clients' profitability. She also acted as a career coach mentoring hundreds of businesses, entrepreneurs and jobseekers on how to market and promote their skills and talents.

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