Vivian Dominguez

Raised in South Texas, schooled in NYC, now putting it all together in Los Angeles.

As an actor, my work has been seen on stage in Austin, NYC and Los Angeles, in Indie films, as well as in commercials like Intel, McDonalds, Old Navy and T-Mobile.

As a writer, I co-wrote "Fly My Way" with my husband, Sasha Smith, for pop singer, Yoga Lin. It was a #1 hit in Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. In 2014, we also wrote "Humorless" for Faith Yang which made it to #33 in the Taiwanese radio charts.

My paper-mache has recently been used for a new stop motion/mixed media web series titled The Squirrel King that is to be released soon and I also work on personalized pieces for buyers. At the moment, I'm working on a dual art show with artist Talia Steinhardt titled "Bring Me to Life" which is to debut in Los Angeles in the Fall of 2014.