Valarie Kingsland

Valarie is a SJSU SLIS 2014 Circle of Learning graduate, focused on library management, emerging technology & instruction. She received the Ken Haycock Award for Exceptional Professional Promise and will complete an ARL CEP Fellowship at UC San Diego Library this summer. In August she will become the Seward Community Library & Museum Director.

Interests include multiple literacies, participatory services, indigenous information institutions, and the integration of archives, libraries and museums. She believes in the transformative power of libraries, their contribution to community development through engagement, and the opportunity new technologies offer to sustain Indigenous cultures and provide access to cultural information and knowledge.


Alaska Association of School Librarians Regional Representative 2012-2014

Alaska Library Association Alaska Native Issues Roundtable Chair 2013-2015

American Indian Library Association Member at Large 2013-2015

ARL Career Enhancement Program 2014 Fellow, UCSD Library

Library of Congress Digital Preservation Outreach & Education Trainer

SJSU SLISConnect Student President 2012-14 (Current Past-President)