Vlad Gorenshteyn

Vlad (that's me....I'm writing in third person here) loves creating marketing campaigns that amaze, inspire & engage.

Vlad is an innovative digital marketing professional with over a decade of success developing and managing engagement programs using social, video, web, email, and live event production.

His specialty: leading and bringing the best out of creative, technical, marketing and analytical experts to deliver results clients love.

Vlad is intellectually curious and thrives in diverse environments. Vlad's a GSU alum...go Panthers!

How can Vlad help your brand achieve success?

Read what Vlad has to say at www.digitalmarketingspeak.com and try to keep up (if you can) on the social networks below or contact Vlad by clicking the "email me" button. You can find him with the wildly talented and creative folks at CNN between 9-5...