Wanggi Hoediyatno

was born in Palimanan - Cirebon May 24, 1988, the fourth child of five children, he grew up in a family environment is simple, instead of the background art world, my father is a retired civil servant. Mother is a housewife, he a child to 4 of 5 brothers, one of the sons of Rahudi Budiardjo and Leli Sulaeli. Children who have always wanted an adventure with the dreamed a dream and be yourself. Wanggi never stopped art, he actively participated in various events / cultural activities and arts and the environment both on a local, national, and international. Indonesia is an art of artists active from 2005-present, currently active in the art of mime after a theater and continued his education at STSI Bandung and creative proceed with Cassanova Theatre (Actor / Division of Propaganda), Mixi Imajimimetheatre (Founder / Director / Actor) and form a community Campus Bicycles (Founder / bike), also active in theater and pantomime also cycling, he was also involved in community art and non art several organizations as well. He was a pantomime often in public spaces, cultural spaces. In the art world of pantomime, the whole concept is based on interdisciplinary knowledge work, emphasizing personal opinions, experiences and socio-cultural. He has been traveling art in several cities in Indonesia such as Bandung, Jakarta, Tangerang, Cirebon, Garut, Subang, Tasikmalaya, Yogyakarta. Solo, Bali, Lombok. And currently on tour with pantomime to promote the arts, history and culture of Indonesia as well as environmental stewardship and love him to several cities in Indonesia and the world, with the concept art space "Backpacker Nyasar Nyusur History  Indonesia" with the historical relationship of cultural art space called Nyusur History of Indonesia.

Save Our Heritage, hopefully not just lip service!
Stop the violence against the community!

Mime = Language of the World Peace

Wanggi Hoediyatno Boediardjo - Indonesian Mime Artist