Nancy Polanco

A 28 year-old mother of two. A freelance Journalist/Writer. She blogs over at Whispered Inspirations,  writes at windsoriteDOTca and on ocassion at  She acts as a Community Manager over at Canadian Moms Online, which is an online community of over 600 women and growing. 

Product reviews based on brands she supports, has tried or is looking to try is something she loves sharing with her readers. All while always providing a thorough and honest opinion on family and mommy friendly products and services. 

She is passionate about social media and connecting with every walk of life through online mediums. She loves attending events that expand her skills or where she can share her expertise.

Living green is something that is very important to her, just as breastfeeding is as well and she is always open to provide any advice she has gained through her own experience nursing her two children.

To contact Nancy, please use any of the mediums below or visit her at