Will  Coatney

I like to think that I take advantage of almost all opportunities that make their way into my life. Whether it be to pursue a higher education at a private schoool, use my size and ability to play a college sport to help finance that education, or pursue an unconventional business opportunity with a close, reliable friend.

I enjoy taking risks... I believe that fortune does favor the bold, and that the average person does not feel comfortable taking on even the most minute risk. In life, the business arena, or in relationships I feel that to consistently do something out of your comfort zone makes you a more well-rounded, independent member of society. I consider myself more mature than most people my age, very outgoing, and feel more comfortable thinking outside the box.

For now, I am driven by money. I like nice things, but even more, I enjoy giving nice things as gifts. I want to become successful at a relatively early age. I hope that my drive will carry me past my already lengthy goals. I intend on using the combination of a natural awareness for solid business  models and an education focused on technology and the study of computer science to put me ahead of the curve and set me and my future family up nicely for the future. If you have the same goals and think along the same lines as me get in touch so that we could begin collaborating and begin to play this game that we call life.