Will Platnick

Will Platnick is a DevOps and Systems Engineering specialist with over 10 years of experience. Will is available for consulting opportunities for businesses who need an expert with a proven track record in the areas of systems scalability, performance and automation.

Will started his technical career doing level 1 technical support at ActiveHost, a multi-million dollar web hosting company that focused on the Microsoft application hosting niche. While at ActiveHost, Will rose to the role of Chief Technology Officer. After an acquisition by CornerStone Telephone, Will was placed in charge of managing all technical operations and personnel for SkySphere, the divison that focused on Hosting and Managed Services such as Exchange and Virtual Desktops.

In 2012, Will left CornerStone to work as a DevOps Engineer for the YouVersion Bible App. At YouVersion, Will focuses on optimizing and maintaining the infrastructure responsible for servicing 5-10K API requests per second. Technologies that Will manages include(d): saltstack, puppet, docker, drone, jenkins, sensu, nagios, vagrant, graphite, confd, consul, nginx, haproxy, php, python, postgresql, mongodb, neo4j, pgbouncer, twemproxy, memcached, redis, gearman and solr.

Will is happily married to his wife, Becca.