Jonathan MacLean-Lambie
The Original WizardParadox The Magus 9°= 2□ XI° έπαινος μεγάλος θεός Πάν! Praise Great God Pan & Eris Silent Paradox I am an experienced Esoteric Tarot Reader, this is not only about fortune telling this is a process of empowering the client. Looking at your recent influences, your circumstances, situation and how your are perceived. Further viewing your potentials for future development including perceived strengths and weaknesses. Additionally we look at those around you and their impact as well dreams, karma and destiny. Due to the level of understanding astrological attributes will also be explained. Via a Natal astrological chart showing the influences of the planetary bodies at the time of your birth and how these may influence your life, additionally short transit forecasts, (where the planets are now can be explored). Consultation and guidance: Always depending on your personal circumstances and tailored to your bespoke needs. As there is a wide range of influences and my own personal understanding via theoretical and practical experience. Please do not hesitate to contact myself to discuss further. Confidentially and Care are Promised