Ronald Wopereis

Ron is dedicated to increase the amount of free attention worldwide. His belief is that free attention is what fuels connections. Ron: "In the 20st century, money was the premium carrier of attention. In the 21st century, this need for mediation will ceize to exist, and attention itself will be used for payment."

So while we are in this fin-de-siecle of money, which can be defined as "frozen energy", the quest is to build vehicles where money and attention can be exchanged.

Ultimately, Ron believes, attention will be a utility, just like gas and water and electricity it will spring from the outlet in your kitchen wall.

Connecting the old economy of money with the new economy of attention is not an easy task. Ron finds himself jumping forth and back. His life is a continuous research and development.

There is no shop, there are no products. The man is leading by example, his life dedicated to the quest of what attention is, how to make attention into a product, and showing people that phenomenons like flow and synchronicity are more likely to occur when attention is free.

This demands a ruthless choice. The choice to be who you are. Many people ask: who am i? Ron's answer is: "When you are really seeking the answer to this question, when you no longer believe the answers from anyone - including yourself - then the quest itself is who you are."