Joy Bennett

Writer and Editor: I’ve been a writer since I first learned how to put words into sentences in 1st grade. I have 15 years of professional writing experience, in which I’ve taught writing classes and helped businesses, hospitals, and non-profits communicate who they are and what they do.

Social Media Manager: I manage a team of writers and set and execute social media strategy for an international non-profit (includes all social media platforms, a blog, and live coverage of events).

Family: Mother of four, three living. Our oldest was born with life-threatening and very complex congenital heart defects, suffered a brain injury, and struggled with cerebral palsy, recurring illnesses, and seizures before she died in 2008.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely my own, are a work in process, will change over time, and do not reflect the views of any specific person (husband, kids, friends) or entity (employer, church, school) associated with me.