Kelly O'Brien

The Yahoo! Serious / At large online videos presented are unscripted and unplanned.
Camera operators capture live video and switch focus from individual performers as smooth as can be allowed. Results are then measured by the complexity of technical direction that is needed in order to keep the captures fluid and the viewer captive. This solution underlines the technique or skill method I have cultivated exclusively to broaden the aesthetic value of my services. It is this mantra that I have punctuated every live capture video on a plethora of sound-stages I have been blessed to visit for the past 20 years. These distinctive factors are followed to best preserve the warmth of the original performances, and to capture its chrysalis and catharsis the artists leave with their fans.
The name that lended itself to me through the hard work, countless hours of self improvement and experimentation soon became synonymous with longevity and survival as a working archivist within an identity based industry that officially did not exist, yet. I hate to use a word as flimsy as luck but it was that overinflated name that I pasted on shirts, stickers, postcards and every social media site that would host my work. Word got around there were buzz worthy videos coming out of Arizona and with my moniker stuck on computer screens in different parts of the world it also happens to be a name that artists used to easily identify before ever meeting me in person. It is also a name that fans can also identify with quality recordings of independent origin, Yahoo! Serious.

Yahoo! = Always allowing to 'have a good time all the time'.
Serious = Concurrently I strive to captivate our viewers by using each recording session as an unique opportunity to learn through experimentation, growth and to better my technical skill whilst capturing the warmth of a live performance during an important period of each artists career.

I film and edit live, unscripted musical performances I do this because I love it.

I have a solid relationship with various artists & industry professionals.

I built Yahoo! Serious to make ROIO video stand tall in an industry segment that does not officially exist.

I am a collector and archivist of unique performance video.

I strive to learn by using new or different techniques, experimenting with methods I have never done or seen used before...