Kelly O'Brien

I have been filming live performances of rock and metal bands since 1996 and began as a concert video "bootlegger".

 This means that I would try and sneak my camera into concerts by shoving it into my pants, sometimes i would hide it at the bottom of a backpack under dirty socks, underwear and shirts...Whatever it would take for me to get my filming equipment into a venue.

I had a change of direction when I was caught filming Janes Addiction in 2003. I started reaching out to artists.

  To date I have collected a vast number of (about 5 terabytes) of performance audio/video. If you are not familliar with video data well that is a lot, hours upon hours of personal entertainment and memorys that i like to watch and share with close friends. Having an oppertunity to share my master footage with other fans is something I have relished but I had always worried that my gift would be abused and zealous fans might sell my footage and make a profit from what I had given freely. This exact thing had happened in the past with a recording I made of A Perfect Circle. I was devistated and stopped sharring my recordings with the public. That was the only thing that I could do to command control over my footage and keep it from being sold.
  I have had time to re think this situarion and feel "time is right" to begin sharing again the shows that I have captured and collected over the past 15 years. Near the end of December 2010 I decided that all of my liberated recordings should be seeded and free for download at
  So over the course of 2011 I will begin sharing the concerts I captured and had kept private. For the next 12 months I will be sharing my collected video and audio archive through the internet with bit torrent technology. Allowing all measures of fans to re live my experiences and view some of the amazing preformances that I was able to capture with a camera.