Ya'Shalan Nelson

Ya’Shalan ‘Yaya’ Nelson (b. 1992) is a Bay Area based freelance videographer, and aspiring filmmaker. She studies Film Production in Sacramento, CA and is currently based in Hayward.


Greetings! Thank you for visiting me today.

Projects I work on are most often college assignments and various media for Tennyson High School’s CMMA (Community MultiMedia Academy).

I dream of indie-stardom, hoping to captivate audiences with modern takes of greek tragedies, experimental comedy, and question/answer films about extraordinary happenings.

For now, my works include public service announcements, and promotional material such music videos and reels. I truly love making videos, and love teaching video production in my job as a media mentor.

I was designed by struggle, yet destined for success. Life is only looking up from here.