Yazmine Esparza

Puerto Rico Public Relations Professional License R-262

Yazmine is an energetic leader with an ability to efficiently manage diverse projects ranging from politics to the design industry. Her commitment to her clients, her attention to detail and her creativity have been crucial to her success. She is an active and dedicated public relations professional, an excellent strategic writer and editor, and an experienced translator who has worked with relevant organizations, such as: National Geographic TV, the White House established Hispanic Heritage Foundation, and the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico.

This agile communicator is passionate about languages. She is completely fluent in Spanish, English and French, having studied the latter at Université de La Sorbonne, in Paris. She conducted her Public Relations studies in London and Washington DC and is perfecting her writing skills with a Master’s program in Puerto Rico, where she was nominated to represent the Island at the Real Academia Española’s School of Lexicography. Yazmine’s other passion, singing, took her to Hollywood during American Idol’s season 8, along with 146 other people out of 100,000 in the U.S. who auditioned to compete.

Currently, Yazmine is an Account Supervisor for the Corporate and Public Affairs Group at Ogilvy PR in Washington DC, where she has done crisis and issues management, tourism, and trade work for the governments of Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Chile, among other client work.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/yazminepr
EN ESPAÑOL: http://about.me/yazminepr