Daniel K.

What do you do after you realize you have a obligation? The story starts in 2008, when the passionate Morgan State alum created YEBies as a blog. He built a grassroots following on campus that quickly spread to his hometown of Washington D.C. and beyond. Over the years, Daniel has used YEBies as a platform to carry on the storytelling tradition of West African griots while building stronger communities for future generations. His genuine love for connecting people shines through all his work.

Often considered a “Neo-Renaissance man” by those who know him, Daniel wears his passions, interests and opinions on his sleeves. The first generation Liberian-American is a champion for minority and immigrant youth and global Diasporas. His life and work experiences have been significantly connected to educating and empowering these groups.

"Free The Mind, Heal The Body, Talkin Evolution"