Yeheshan de Silva

Learning programming changed my life, it changed the way I thought and the way I look at a problem, and I fell in love with it from the time I compiled my first program. Since then I've learned as many programming languages as possible and enjoy learning and writing code. My core language is Java and I also code in PHP, Python, C #, C++ and ActionScript.

The thing that makes being a software engineer even more exciting is the thrill of working on projects. I've been handling projects since my school days, and becoming a PMP was something that came naturally to me.

When I'm not working or busy with reading for my Masters in Computer Science at the University of Colombo School of Computing, I engage in my hobbies of Game Development, Robotics and Virtual Reality.

I also write, just to clear my mind, or if I want to express myself. I do a bit of amateur graphic designing as I need to improve my graphics skills for game development.

I like to teach what I've learned, and I enjoy being able to use my skills for the betterment of someone else.