Thiyonka Smith
To my family and friends I am simply known as Thi (Ty). I am a skincare therapist and makeup artist. For the last 11years I have been making people beautiful. Whether it be applying makeup or balancing disconnected eyebrows, I have done it all. Making women and men feel good about themselves is the highlight of my Career. I never expected to get in to the beauty industry but here I am and I love it. When I was just a makeup artist a lot of people came to me wanting to hide there imperfections. I had no answer about really fixing them. I ran into a girl at the makeup counter and she told me about esthetics. She was attending classes at a local beauty school. I was so amazed that by the next year I was on my path to becoming and esthetician. I never imagined 11years later that I would be still in love with making people feel confident in there on own skin.